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Do Audi cars have more transmission problems than Lexus cars?

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To Answer this question I wouldn’t say Audi has more transmission problems than Lexus. Lexus is known for their reliability because they are made by Toyota.

Now I like Audi vehicles but they are known for engine issues and more specifically be ready to pay heavy amounts for repairs, which includes parts and labor.

So, what that means that overall expenses on a Audi are way higher than a Lexus. Now that doesn’t mean that a Lexus might not have a transmission issue but the repairs will be less than a audi.


Now I am not saying a audi is a bad car, since they are made by volkswagen which also make porsche, bentley and lamborghini. What I am saying is that if there is an issue to be prepared for pricy repairs, but if you can afford it then more power to you.

Anyone in the car business knows that Audi vehicles are very pricy to repair and lexus is less known for pricy repairs and some warranty companies don’t cover Audi vehicles.

Also it depends on the care of the vehicle, some people abuse cars and wonder why they have issues. If you keep up the maintenance and servicing of the vehicle hopefully you will not have issues.

Although these cars are mechanical and you cannot predict that they will not have issues and will not need repairs. The best way to protect yourself is to try to purchase these vehicles that still have factory warranty or purchase a extended warranty that can cover all the heavy mechanical issues like Engine and Transmission.

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