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Buying a Ferrari

In the market to buy a Ferrari, well here are some examples of how much Value and appreciation these dream cars have gone up. The name, rarity and branding of this timeless car company attributes to filthy rich people paying top dollar for these exotic sports cars. The first example is a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO. There were only 39 in production. This beauty was sold at auction for $52 million. So if you are buying a Ferrari you are definitely making a investment or profit.

The next example is the La Ferrari, where the appreciation has doubled or more what the normal retail price is. Also in order to purchase a La Ferrari you have to be able to purchase one from a dealer, you have to have limited editions, and at least 5 to 7 Ferrari vehicles in your garage. It also goes up to Ferrari to make the decision for you to purchase this most exclusive 950 horsepower sports car in the world. So the Wealthy that are buying a Ferrari have to get on a list and qualify.

Another example is the of Rare is the Ferrari Enzo which only 400 were made. The last one was sold for $6 million. Also that Ferrari Enzo was given to the Pope John Paul II who blessed the car and it was sold in auction.  The funds were donated to charity.


The Ferrari 458 Speciale is another Ferrari that is on the rare list and appreciating in value, going for prices near $700.000.00 because of them being the last of a limited edition. These are some examples that are for sale from Ferrari of Long Island, which is a part of The Experience Auto Group.


Another runner up is the Ferrari F12 TDF “Tour de France”, which comes after the Ferrari 599 GTO. This exclusive rare model is only in production of 799 made. This vehicle is offered at Ferrari of Long Island which is a family owned and operated company looking to earn a client’s business for life.


Ferrari has also offered a certified Pre-Owned program to purchase these rare beauties. In the past purchasing a luxury exotic sports car, one of the most important questions to ask a Dealer is the maintenance records of the vehicle. The reason why this records are important is to measure the great care of the Ferrari. Without the maintenance records or without a professional certified Ferrari mechanic you may not know what kind of treatment your new investment might be. Which can make buyers of these prancing beauties shy from the purchase of a thorough breed.


The Ferrari Certified Program has many technical inspections that require extremely difficult test to past. Technical inspections are:

  • Running Gear functioning tests
  • Electrical System Functioning tests
  • Check of liquid levels
  • Examination of Condition of suspension, brakes, cooling system, and steering system
  • Secondary controls of air conditioner, instrumentation and safety systems
  • Light, wheels and tire function tests (tread depth and pressure)
  • 101 single cheks in North America


The features also include Maintenance history of the vehicle, exterior and interior pre-sale inspection. Up to 24 months Ferrari warranty in Europe and 12 months in the rest of the world, which is fantastic because some manufacturers only cover the vehicle where it was made. Also Ferrari Road Side Assistance for the rest of the world for 12 months. There is no mention of miles because it covers you for unlimited mileage but under the terms of the duration of the time you bought it, so 24 months in Europe and 12 months for the rest of the world.

The warranty also covers you on genuine Ferrari original parts.


What the warranty does not cover is the wear and tear items, which are brake pads, discs or parts from normal wear and tear.


It was March 12, 1947 that Enzo Ferrari started his engine of the 125 S, which was the first car to bear his name and the modern Ferrari began Driving on the roads around Maranello. Ferrari now celebrating their 70th Anniversary.

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