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Do Car Dealers Really Need Your Driver license for a test drive?

Do Car Dealers Really Need Your Driver license for a test drive?


Yes it is very important, that car dealerships make a copy of your driver license. Some people think that it is a fast way for a Dealership to get information from you by making a copy of your driver’s license but there are other important reasons why the dealership needs your license to go on a test drive and to purchase a vehicle.


First of all, a dealership for insurance and security reasons need to obtain a copy of your driver’s license to allow you to go on a test drive. It gives proof to the dealership if something went wrong on a test drive the dealership has your information. An example is a car accident or a robbery that involves the vehicle you are test driving. The insurance and Department of motor vehicles usually require a log of customers who went on a test drive as well.


If you are ready to purchase a vehicle from the dealership, then they will definitely need your driver’s license to verify your identity and address. The reason is sometimes consumers do not want to register their car at that address. Depending on the state you are registering the car you might have to match the address on your license. The dealership needs your driver’s license also to register the vehicle you purchased.


If you are buying cash or finance the dealership needs your license to start processing the paperwork for your purchase. Your driver license helps verify your identity and is needed for insurance as well. Without your driver’s license you cannot purchase the vehicle. Please keep in mind that you are making a significant purchase and there is plenty of paperwork that needs to be filled out to protect the consumer, dealership and bank.


Now in certain situations customers like to register their vehicle out of state, and may not have a matching driver license for certain reasons.  So the dealership would then require points of identification to register the vehicle for you. You can also check online to see what you require and what is acceptable, some states may have different point systems. This is a example in New Jersey of points http://www.state.nj.us/mvc/pdf/Licenses/ident_ver_posterpint.pdf


Your Driver’s license also helps verify your identity, this way if someone is trying to purchase a vehicle in your name without verifying it is you they cannot purchase the vehicle, so this way it can protect you and the dealership from fraud. Also please remember to obtain your driver’s license back before you go on the test drive.

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