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How To Delete A Lisitng

We recommend you mark items sold or remove them if they are sold to avoid getting calls on a sold item.

Just log in to the site and click on the menu in your profile for “My AirFlashAds” and you will see all your published Ads.

You can then find the item you need and click the button that says “VISABLE” and select your choice from the the dropdown menu to mark as sold or withdraw the item from sale.

How To Register On AirFlashADS

To register on the site just click on the “Log In” button on the top right site of the screen.
From there a small form will drop down. if you are already registered you can type in your User

Name and Password. If you are not registered just click the word “Registration at the bottom of the page or click here for a shortcut.

Fill in all the details as requested as accurately as you can.

Many times the user name you choose may already be in use and you may need to change your chosen user name as all user names are unique. An email address can only be used once to register a name and to register another name you must use a different email address.

Your User Name is the name that will appear on your Ads and not your real name but you will be asked for your real name during registration. This information will remain private and only visible to you.

If your Town or locality is not listed in the drop down under city and town please select the town or locality closest to you.

When you are finished registering you will be sent an automated email within a few minutes, asking you to activate the account. If you don’t receive the email, please check your spam or junk box in the email address you submitted.

Once you have registered you can then sign in and Ad a profile picture of your choice and we encourage all users to do this as buyers usually opt to buy from profiles who have a better profile.
Once you are logged in you can post as many Ads as you like for Free or you can choose to upgrade to featured Ads or Multiple Ads with more picture options.

Forgot Password or Username?

If you try to log in too many times with the wrong password , you will receive the error message. if you can not remember your password please click forgot password

Just enter your email address in the box provided and our admin will automatically email you a link to reset your password. Please make sure you check your Junk and/ Spam and Trash mail to make sure you don’t miss the reset password link.

Used Items

When you buy a used item from someone who is selling it as part of their business, you have a similar set of rights as when you buy a new item. However, your rights very much depend on what you paid for the item.

Any item you buy, including a used item, must be fit for the purpose it has been sold for. It must also be as described to you, and the quality must be of an expected level, given the price you paid. But you cannot expect second-hand goods to be of the same standard as new products. Used goods are “sold as is”, so there may be some fault, imperfection or wear and tear.

You need to examine the item carefully and ask the seller to point out any damage or imperfections.
Make sure the item does what it is expected to do. For example, if it is a used television set, check that the picture and sound are working correctly, the reception is clear and the remote control works as it should. For some items, for example jewelry or antique furniture, you should get an expert opinion before you decide to purchase .

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